San Francisco Take Steps to Banned E-cigarette Sales

San Francisco is now the first city in the U.S. to put prohibit on the sales of e-cigarette. However, the high use of an e-cigarette by young people has become something else. Nevertheless, the San Francisco board has been making an effort to control the high used of nicotine through e-cigarette by teen.

Nonetheless, nicotine is well known to be easily additive and as a teen taking in nicotine at a young age, this speaks volume. However, most of the health crises that a cigarettes smoker faces continue among e-cigarette. In facts, this has to do with the content call nicotine.

However, e-cigarette doesn’t have any tobacco content in it, but it holds back a lot of nicotine in it. Therefore, the San Francisco board of supervisors has decided that the sales and supply of e-cigarette have to be ban. For a period of time pending when it will be endorsed by the United State Food and Drug Administration.

Notwithstanding, some states in the U.S. have been able to make a move. To ban young people from taking e-cigarette and to bring up the officially authorized age. The high rate of taking in nicotine by teen through the means of e-cigarette is increasing every day.


Juul is the top leading maker of e-cigarette, which spins out from Pax lab in the year 2017. However, Juul lab is based in San Francisco in the United State of America. Juul has been able to grow to be a leading e-cigarette maker in U.S. E-cigarette has gained more popularity among teens in the last two year.

In facts, last month Juul Company filed up some official procedure, for an extra poll which says authority should not ban the use of the e-cigarette. However, Juul said that a ban on e-cigarette will not successfully tackle young people from using nicotine.

The Ban

The Board of Supervisors vote to enforce a ban on the use of e-cigarette; this was lead by the San Francisco Attorney Dennis Herrera and his supervisor Shamann Walton. This ban is to prevent the widespread of taking in nicotine, mostly by the younger once.

Nevertheless, this ban is to prevent stores from further selling of e-cigarettes and also discontinues the delivery of it to San Francisco. However, Juul is now in a site of investigation in the governing body over its part in the young people plague.

In facts, on Tuesday legislators in San Francisco were able to make their choice generally to make sure, that the sales of e-cigarettes are ban.

Nonetheless, the owners of the e-cigarette company want a vote to be passed for San Francisco people that will prevent those that are below 21 years of age.

E-cigarette Dangers

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin resistance
  • Risk of having lungs cancer
  • The risk of having heart disease
  • It makes you become addictive.

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