Microsoft – Microsoft Account / How to Link Up Your Microsoft Account to Your Facebook

Microsoft account permits you to have access to dissimilar use. However, with the Microsoft account, you can download and also restore contemporary UWP apps right from the windows store. Therefore, for you to be able to make use of the account, you must have an account with Microsoft.

Nonetheless, you must have a user name and a password. Once you are able to create an account for yourself, you are good to go. In facts, the Microsoft account gives you free access to make use of the different type of services. Honestly, you can use your Microsoft account to sign in to Skype, Windows phone and many more.

 Therefore, your Microsoft account can be linked up with your Facebook account, and other different types of social network sites. Therefore, let look at how you can link up your account with your facebook.

Simple Steps to Linkup Your Microsoft Account to Your Facebook

You must have a Microsoft Account

Before you can link up your account with your facebook, you must have an account with Microsoft. Therefore, you are advised to create an account first. By navigating into account page. Once this is done, lookout to create a free account and click on it.

Enter all the necessary information needed and enter a password. Nevertheless, you have to fill in the Captcha code as this is necessary. However, you need to verify through your email address.

Click on Your Profile

You have to click on your name that is at the right upper page. Then, choose on edit from the drop menu. Once this is done, you will see the various sites that your account is presently linkup with. All you have to do is clack on the Add just to link up with an additional account.

 From the various list of sites, click on Facebook since you want to link up your Microsoft account with your Facebook. Nonetheless, you will be redirected to the Facebook page. In facts, you will be asked to sign in. After this is done you will receive a notification, telling you about assessing your facebook.

Set up Your Privacy Setting

You have to set up your privacy. To do this, click on the menu right on the left lower side of your screen. Choose the audiences that you want, once this is done click on done button to save all the changes made.

Therefore, make a quick move and go back to your account profile. To see if there is an icon of Facebook there. If you can’t find any Facebook icon, right under the list of account that is connected with Microsoft account. It means you have not properly linked up to your Microsoft account with your Facebook.

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