Maurice is a retail store that deals on clothing moreover, Maurice has been able to get a credit card for its customer. However, the Maurices credit card can only be used in maurices stores which gives every cardholder the access to be able to login to the online portal of the credit card.

Maurices Credit Card
Maurices Credit Card

This card is designed for the cardholder to be able to manage their card and make fast online transaction with ease.

The annual percentage rate for purchase is about 26.99%. Nevertheless, this card has a late payment fee which is up to $35. In facts, one of the best ways to avoid paying late payment fee is to pay your due on time.

Nevertheless, you can set up a reminder on your phone for you not to forget, because one major reason why most people pay late payment fee is that they forgot to make a payment on time.

However, the Maurices credit card is issued by Comenity bank which gives you access to view your statement of account with your devices. Therefore, get quick answers to any questions related to your account, by contacting your card issuer.

This card offers a lot of benefits to its card user. In addition, you don’t have to worry about paying a yearly fee on the card because this card comes with no annual fee payment on it.

Card Benefits

Enjoy Double points

This card gives every of its cardholder the ability to enjoy double points. However, this double points offer comes up once in a month. In facts, most card user normally waits for this offer before they make a purchase in order to earn double points.

This type of benefit gives card user additional points to redeem and have extra points on some exceptional event.

Easy online access

The ability to view your account online is a great benefit. With the model days banking system, you will view all your account transaction right from wherever you are, just with a click from any of your devices.

In facts, easy online access creates room for a cardholder to make bill payment with ease. Nevertheless, you can also place an order right from the online store of Maurices.

Get free shipping

In facts, this is what most card user will like to enjoy. However, when you make a purchase of all your items you don’t have to worry about moving it your destination, no matter the quantity. this is another way Maurice show appreciation to their loyal customers

Enjoy lot of discount

This card offers a lot of discount to its card user. Therefore, get 30-50% off on everything online with spring cyber event. In addition, you receive 40% off in spring styles in the store. You will also get $10 once you are able to share the love for shopping at Maurices.

Get birthday bonus

You are so special that is why on your birthday you get a special birthday reward. However, this birthday reward is for you to get whatever, you want at Maurices.

This makes a lot of sense because, on your special day, you are not easily forgotten. That is why Maurices offers you a wonderful birthday bonus.

No annual fee

This is what most people really want; paying of card annual fee will make some people not to apply for a card. No matter what the card wants to offer, I believe with is you will be able to save a little amount of money.

Therefore, this is the type of card that some people will want to get because it doesn’t come with an annual fee payment on it.

Bottom Line

This card is designed for loyal card uses to enjoy its exclusive benefits in it. However, this credit card is a well-known store for its clothing and sandals deals. That gives it cardholder to make a purchase right from the online and store.

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