Laptop – Connect Laptop to Flat Screen TV

Screen size usually matters a lot. However, to connect your flat screen TV to your Laptop is not a big deal. The size of your screen will motivate you to watch movies. Watching from your system screen and from your flat TV screen, they are a bit different, the image from the laptop is quite small than that of the TV set.

However, connecting a flat-screen TV to your system will give you an edge of a bigger image over your laptop screen. In facts, when it comes to watching movies on your flat screen Tv, it gives you a bigger image.

Therefore, to get this done you need the right devices to get through with your connection. You need to be careful, make sure you look at the port in your system, to get the right port.

Nonetheless, make sure that your system and your TV have the same port mouth. Once they both have the same port mouth it will make your work easier.

Tips on How to Connect Laptop to Flat Screen TV

  • Connect both Video ports of the laptop and the Television

Both video ports need to be connected, to make the capture in the laptop to show on the flat-screen TV. In some laptop, you have to press Ctrl +f4 key before the image will display.

In addition, you need to do certain controls on your system. From the option, menu chooses the outward option. Once this is done the capture in your laptop will automatically show on your flat-screen TV.

  • The VGA Port

The VGA is still useful most laptop still comes with the VGA port. While model TV doesn’t come with the VGA port. If you have the older TV you can still connect it with your laptop.

However, you don’t need to worry much all you have to do just look for the VGA port on your laptop and connect. Then look for the VGA port on your Flat-screen TV and connect. The image will appear on the flat-screen TV set.

  • Connecting with The HDMI Wire

This is another easy way to connect your laptop with your flat-screen TV. Get an HDMI cable and look for the HDMI port On your laptop and connect it. The other end of the HDMI cable has to go into the TV HDMI port.

Once there is a connection the image will automatically display on your flat-screen TV. Honestly, this is one of the easiest ways to connect your flat screen TV to your system. However, what you really is just the HDMI cable after this is done you can do the selection from your TV screen.

  • Connecting With VGA Wire

This is an old way to connect your flat-screen TV with your laptop. Nevertheless, this method is also easy all you have to do, get a VGA cable and connect it to both ports. The VGA port has to come from your system and the VGA port on your flat-screen TV.

Once there is a connection the image will display on your TV set. However, in some laptop, you need to press the CTRL + f4. On your system before the image can display on the TV set.

  • Connecting the Audio System

To get the audio from the laptop to the flat-screen TV, you need to get a cable for this. Therefore, you need to look for the port on the system and that of the flat-screen TV, then connect both into their separate audio port.

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