The Lane Bryant credit card is a store card issued by the Comenity bank. Lane Bryant is a retail store that is specialized in women clothing of all sizes and shapes.

lane bryant credit card
lane bryant credit card

Lane Bryant has been able to produce a card for its loyal customers, through the help of Comenity bank. This card offers it, card user, a $20 discount from their first purchases, when you open and makes use of your land Bryant credit card. However, when you sign up for emails you will receive unique birthday bonus.

You can also download the mobile app of Lane Bryant on your Android or iPhone for fast and easy access. However, you can view your account with ease and order for any item that you want through the online store.

Therefore, sign up for text and start receiving exclusive transactions on most recent items and many more from the Lane Bryant store. However, if you are yet to apply for this card you can do so by navigating to the comenity bank official web site. 

In addition, we will put you through on how you can sign in for this card as you read on. Nevertheless, you will also find some useful information that will benefit you in this article.

How to Sign in

To sign in for this card you have to navigate to the lanebryant web site, then the next thing you should do is to enter your user name and password and click on the sign in to gain access to your account.

Card Benefits

No annual fee on card

This is a great advantage for the cardholder as they will not have to use their card frequently just to make sure that the credit card is valuable. In addition, most people don’t like applying for a credit card that has an annual fee on it.

Therefore, this will serve as an added advantage for people like this. Paying annual fee on a card can be so annoying. In facts, at the time it will seem as if you should just destroy the card.

Card Convenience

In facts, credit card creates convenient for the cardholder in many ways. In terms of payment, you don’t need to carry cash around just because you want to make a purchase of some certain items.

With the help of your lane Bryant credit card, you can easily make a purchase and make payment with ease. Nevertheless, you can also make a purchase from the online store of lane Bryant from the comfort of your house and also make payment with ease.


Earn 2points on every $1 that you spend. Nevertheless, the more you shop the more point you will earn as lane Bryant credit card offers it cardholder amazing bonus on every item they purchase.

In facts, once you make use of your card for the very first time for purchase you will receive a $20 discount.

Card Protection

The chip on your credit card makes it protected. However, security is everybody business, you need to protect your security number and it must be safe.

Moreover, your card issuer has put everything in place to make sure that your card is protected against fraud.

Get Exclusive Offer

The lane Bryant card gives out a special offer to its loyal cardholder. On your birthday you will receive a special bonus.

In addition, once you sign up for text you will receive the newest fashion deal on your mobile phone. Nevertheless, if you are able to subscribe for email you will also exclusive news on Lane Bryant product.

Lane Bryant Credit Card Customer Support

If you are finding it difficult to place an order online or to speak with the customer support you can call at 1.866.866.4731.

Bottom Line

Mind you this credit card can’t be used anywhere else except in some selected store. However, this card is designed for those that regularly shop at Lane Bryant store. With this card, you can view all your account transaction online.

In fact, with the Lane Bryant mobile app, you can easily navigate to the online store to make a selection for your preferred items, and process to make an online payment. therefore, take control of your finance and be the boss of your card.

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