The Fingerhut credit card is a store card that permits shoppers to make a fast bill payment. However, the Fingerhut card is an online retailer that bargain credit to those that are eligible for it.

Fingerhut Credit Card
Fingerhut Credit Card

Moreover, this credit card can be used to get your credit back on the right track. The monthly payment on this card makes it an excellent way to help rebuild your credit score. Nevertheless, this card allows it, card user, to purchase by making use of the monthly payment.

Rebuild your Credit Score with Fingerhut Credit Card

This card is basically designed for those with a low credit score that has been turned down so many time. However, the Fingerhut card gives out a monthly report to the three credit bureaus, which gives you a great opportunity to help rebuild your poor credit score to a good credit score.

Moreover, the monthly reports to the three credit bureaus make it easy for your account history to be noticed and be view by the credit bureaus.  However, the Fingerhut purpose is to focus on offering a bank account with a tiny monthly fee.

Therefore, if you are having a problem of getting a good credit card or if you have ever been turned down before due to your poor credit score.

You can make a fast move and apply for a Fingerhut credit card and enjoy an easy application process. Rebuild your credit history and purchase more items from the Fingerhut online store.

Application Process

Quickly navigate to the Web bank official page and click on apply, thereafter entering the all necessary information provider correctly and submit. You will get a respond within 7 to 10 working days.

In facts, this card has no annual fee on it, which makes it a good option for those that are looking for a card with an annual fee.

However, this card has an attached fee of $38 for late payment and likewise for the returned payment fee. The annual percentage rate for purchase is not left out, it has 29.99%.

But mind you, once you are able to pay up on time you don’t have to pay for late payment. Therefore, it is advisable to pay up on time to avoid paying late payment fee.

Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Receive credit conclusion in  seconds
  • Enjoy low payment
  • Quick card approval
  • It improves your credit


  • It helps rebuild credit score
  • Easily set up monthly low  payment design
  • It approves card with ease
  • A good option for those with bad credit score
  • No yearly fee on this card


  • It encourages you to spend more
  • It has a high-interest rate
  • Balance transfer if forbidding
  • Fingerhut card has no reward for it card users
  • Not suitable for those that spend diversely

Bottom Line

The Fingerhut card helps those that have been finding it difficult to get a credit card to approve due to bad credit score. The major aim for this credit card is aim to rebuild poor credit score. Therefore, this card will help take your card to a better credit score and help you achieve your goal in life.

However, the Fingerhut has a Fingerhut fresh start credit account that helps you increase your credit health, once you are able to make use of your card correctly.

However, this card is issued by the Web Bank and it gives every cardholder access to view their account history and every detail related to their account.

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