How to Put On & Off Your PC with Android Phone

One of the major problems that most PC usually have is that most people don’t put it off after use. In fact, most people don’t put off their PC after they are done with it.

Most people leave their PC running for a week without turning it off. Nonetheless, a lot of people have cultivated the tradition of not putting off their system; they went out not minding if their PC is running.

However, with the help of your Android phone, you can send a command to put off and on your PC. All you just have to do is to make sure. That your Smartphone and your PC are connected to the same network. Furthermore, you have to download an application. That will enable your Smartphone to act as a remote control to your PC.

Therefore, you too can take advantage of this by controlling your PC by switching it on and off within the range of your network. However, before you download the app make sure your PC and your Android phone are linked to one network.

Furthermore, as you keep on reading you will find a convenient way to put off your PC effortlessly with your Android phone within the range of your locality.

How to Shutdown Your PC Distantly beyond LAN

For you to be able to shut down your PC. Your system and your Android phone have to be allied to the same network. Once your system and your Smartphone are linked to similar network you are on the right track. Get an app that supports your Smartphone with the ability. To switch off and turn on your computer. from a distant.  

Honestly, they are numerous applications that you can install right on your Android phone and be able to send a command from your Smartphone to your PC. Therefore, one of the best apps that you can download for this target is called Shutdown start remote.

In facts, this app is easy to use and it free. However, you have to download its server to your system after you have downloaded the app on your Smartphone. Furthermore, you have to link the app on your Smartphone with the server for it to be able to run.

The Java

This is necessary you have to install Java because once the server refuses to open on your PC, then you can make a smart move and navigate to the Java official site.

Select the correct installer and download. Once this is done go to the shutdown start remote. That is on your PC, open the app that is your Smartphone. Look out for the name of your PC on your phone. Then tap on it to get connected to your computer.

The Timer

You can decide to set up a timer right on your Smartphone for your PC. To shut down or hibernate within a certain period of time. Nonetheless, you can take charge of your system and decide what you really want at a particular moment.

Therefore, from your Smartphone all you have to do is to tab on any of the action that you want. You can send your PC to sleep, hibernate or to turn off from and distant that you are.

Furthermore, once you tab on any of the action. A pop up will appear on the screen of your phone. Asking you if you really want to shut down your computer immediately. 

How to Turn on Your PC with Smartphone

You can command your PC to turn on with your Smartphone. Nevertheless, this has to do with your system. However, your system motherboard with the network card needs to have what is called (WOL) Wake on LAN. In addition, it has to be connected to the internet with an Ethernet wire.

Furthermore, you can turn on your PC with the help of the BIOS setting from your computer. Download the (WOL) app on your Android phone. Nevertheless, make sure that your PC and your Android phone are links to one network. Therefore, you can follow the walkway below to switch off your system.

Follow This Simple Steps

  • Tab on the plus button icon on your phone and look out for your system
  • Next, tab on the add device and add it to the wake on LAN
  • Click on your computer name, once this is done it will automatically come up.

 Bottom Line

In facts, this is a better way to help people that normally find it difficult. To put off their system after use. One of the best ways to enjoy this is to make sure. That your system and your Smartphone are connected to the same network. Furthermore, your system must be connected to the power source always.

However, you must be within the locality of your network. For you to be able to use your Smartphone connected to your computer. Your phone and your system must be able to link together.  Therefore, you can send a command to your system with ease. From a tab on your Smartphone and your system will respond.

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