Facebook Videos – How to Upload Facebook Video | Add Video on Facebook

Facebook videos help you to share your exciting moment with a lot of your friends.  However, video is one major way that you can use to express your great time with members of your family and loved once. The Facebook platform allows users to upload their video with ease.

In fact, uploading your videos on facebook gives your friends on your friend’s list to see your video, wherever they are in the world. However, videos are uploaded just like the way you post. Nevertheless, a lot of people still find it difficult to add their videos on their Facebook page.

Moreover, there are some video clips that may not be supported by Facebook. Therefore, making users finding it difficult to upload video, once you find it hard to add a video to your Facebook page. You can change your video to the mp4 format.  The mp4 format gives you the ability to add your video to your Facebook page.

Therefore, you too can make a fast move and start sharing your Facebook videos for your loved once to see. In addition, Facebook is a place where you can upload and share your video. As Facebook has become a succeeding main referral foundation for major online videos.

Tips to Upload Facebook Video

There are two ways you can upload a video to your Facebook page.  One key fact that makes Facebook increase is because of the option of video. The option of sharing video on Facebook has made Facebook get bigger.

In facts, billions of people watch videos on Facebook daily. However, you can easily add a Facebook video to your facebook page with your Smartphone, through the following ways.

  • Click on the Facebook icon on your Smartphone
  • Tab on the camera sign at the top left of your screen
  • Next, tab on the written word video
  • Your phone will start recording
  • Once it finished recording a share icon will appear
  • Tab on it and share your video to your story  or your news feed line

How to Add Video on Facebook with PC

Before you can add a video to your Facebook page, you must have the video ready. However, your video needs to be supported by the facebook format.  For it to be accepted, therefore, your video formats need to be in MOV, MP4, and the AVI. Once you are able to convert your video through the following ways. You can add video with ease, on your page without experiencing any difficulty.   

  • Select add photo/video from your timeline
  • Click on the upload photo/video
  • Pick a video from the drop-down menu file
  • At the top of the video, you will see a space where you will be asked to comment on the video. However, if you wish to say anything about the video you can comment.
  • Click on the post button to share your video.

Bottom Line

You can decide on people that you want to see your video, moreover if you don’t want all your friends. On your page to see your video you can make use of the privacy menu. To choose people that you want to see your video.

Be sure that your video sizes are too large then required. In facts, they required video length on Facebook is 120 minutes and should not be more than 4GB size. Therefore, you can share your videos with ease just as the way you share your picture on your page.

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