Facebook Business Page – How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has been able to create a Business page for those that are willing to boost the awareness of their product. The Facebook Business page is an avenue for you as a business owner.

To increase your sells through the facebook page. Nevertheless, the Facebook Business page makes your product seen all over the world. It also creates room for your sells to multiply.

In facts, to create a Facebook business page is very easy; all you have to do is to navigate into your personal Facebook account. Look out to create a page and click on it and follow the walkway to create your Business page. However, when setting up a business page account it’s vital to put in some useful details to make your page look professional.

However, if you are finding it difficult to create a page you can get a freelancer who can assist you in building your Facebook page.  One good thing about the Facebook page is to help you reach your targeted viewers on Facebook.

Therefore, you can use the facebook page to grow your brands and improve your sells. However, as you keep on reading you will find the entire useful guide on how to create a facebook page.

 5 Major Ways on How to Create a Facebook  Business Page

  • Sign up for  Facebook Business Page

For you to be able to create a Facebook business page you must have a personal Facebook account. However, for you to be able to create the facebook page it has to be done from your personal Facebook account.

Right inside your facebook account click on the create button and the drop-down menu will appear next, click on the page and an option of a two-page category will appear. Click on the Business page to get started.

  • Key in Your  Business Information

After you have signed up for your business page next, you enter the name that you want to appear as your business name on your page. However, you have to click on the business category and choose where you want your business to fall to.

Moreover, when choosing the category where your business falls into you have to be very careful in doing this. However, you have to choose the category that best characterizes your business for easy identification.

  • Fix in Your Profile Photo

Your Facebook business page needs a photo to identify your page on Facebook. Furthermore, since you are creating a business page it will make a good sense for you to use your business logo.

But be sure that the photo you are using is clear and sharp for your audience to easily see. Nevertheless, you can also design a good logo or seek the help of a professional.  

  • Encourage Your Friends to Like Your Business Page

You have to invite your friends from your personal Facebook account to like your page. However, Facebook will encourage you to do so. This will help you to increase the visitor on your Facebook page. Therefore, it is advisable to make the move to encourage your friends to like your page.

  • Put in a Button to Your Business Page

This is very necessary you need to add a button to your page to act as a call to action. However, this button will help to boost your sales. Therefore, to activate this button working. You have to click on the blue plus add button option right at the left hand.

However, when you are adding a button you have to choose the best option that your business has to fill in to for a product selling option

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