Facebook Account Link Delete: How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Immediately

Facebook is well known all over the world as one of the most popular social media. In facts, it is one of the greatest sites where you can get connected with most of your friends. However, a lot of Facebook account. Has been a mound of safety issues in recent days. Nevertheless, most Facebook users don’t feel comfortable anymore about their facebook account.

However, once you delete your account permanently. You will not be able to make use of it anymore. Therefore, you need to think over it before going ahead to delete your Facebook account permanently. Once you delete your Facebook account, your messenger account will be deleted and your entire messenger message will be deleted as well.

Therefore, to continue making use of your account, you can deactivate your account. Nonetheless, if you don’t feel at ease you can go ahead to delete your account.

Once you start the deletion procedure you will not be able to get back your account details back.  Moreover, Facebook does not allow you to delete your account easily.  

In addition, if you don’t feel safe on facebook due to one reason or the other. You can delete your account permanently. However, you can follow the walkway below to delete your Facebook account permanently and immediately.

How to Delete Facebook Account Link

  • Navigate to your Facebook app and click on it. Once it open, tap on the three lines on the screen by the right-hand side. Before doing all these make sure you have data on your Smartphone. However, if you are using a desktop or a laptop. Make you are connected to the internet. To make the process easier. Nonetheless, once your device is not connected to the internet you can’t delete your account.
  • After you have a tap on the three straight lines. It will automatically take you to another page. Where you will see a long list of menu. Scroll down and tap on the setting from the drop-down menu.  Look for download your information and tap on it. Furthermore, downloading your information gives you the ability to be able. To make use of your account again if you wish.
  • Select the information you don’t desire to keep. However, you can wish to receive all your information in an HTML set up.  However, this process is to enable to make a selection, of want you don’t really want and to go ahead. To delete your account permanently.
  •  The menu from the setting button once you tap on it. Scroll down and tap on the account ownership and control. You will see deactivation and deletion, tap on it again and tap on the delete account.

Bottom Line

Once you delete your Facebook account. You will not be able to get all your content information anymore. Nevertheless, all your entire messages will be deleted as well. You can as well take a break from facebook instead of deleting your account permanently.

To take a break, all you have to do is to tap on the deactivating account button. Once this is done your profile will be put out of action. Furthermore, if you wish to completely delete the facebook app form your Smartphone.

Go to where you install the facebook app on your Smartphone.  Tap on it and hold down on it, make sure you don’t leave to drag it to the uninstall icon on your Smartphone.

Once this is done you have completely delete facebook account link permanently, from the facebook site. With this, you don’t have to wait for 14days before your account can be permanently deleted.

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