Facebook – How to Log on Facebook with Your Mobile Phone

There are various ways you can log into Facebook with your mobile phone. In facts, you have to know the major skills on how to log in to your Facebook through your phone. However, your phone must be a smartphone before you can use it to log into facebook.

Furthermore, you have to go into the Facebook home page where you will be able to log in the necessary information needed. Nevertheless, right on the Facebook home page, your email address is what you need for you to able to gain access into your account.

In addition, your Facebook password is just like a key to your house. To log in to Facebook with your mobile phone you must associate your account, with your mobile phone number for easy access to account setup.

Ways to Log on Facebook with Your Mobile Phone

First of all, in this process, you need to use your email address to access your account. However, using your email to log in gives you the ability to gain access into your account.

In addition, you can create a username at the upper corner of your home page just click on it and it will automatically take you to a new page. Where you can able to gain new access to account setting.

However, right on your mobile phone, you can register for Facebook. All you have to do is just click on the new page right on your mobile phone. Then register your details.

Therefore, after a few moments, you will receive a message on your mobile phone. The message is a confirmation code that you have to use in the process of registering your account.

However, you can choose how often you will like to receive massage on your mobile phone. Therefore, you have the right to make a choice on the type of notification you will like to receive on your phone.

Nonetheless, once you get to this new page on your mobile phone, you should make your choice and click on save. Once this is done it means you have registered your phone number with your Facebook.

Once you are able to register your account with your mobile phone you are good to go. However, you need to confirm your account.

Close the Facebook page and reopen it, they log in again. Nonetheless, you have to enter the Email address with your phone number that you have used to register your account.

However, you should not forget your password, remember I told you that your password is like a key to your house. You should not disclose your password to anyone. Once you click your password into the password space provided it will take you to your Facebook account page.

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