Dressbarn credit card is one of the well-known credit cards that give users free access to navigate into the Dressbarn portal. However, Dressbarn is a retail store that deals on women clothing ranging from tops, pants, accessories and many more.

Moreover, Dressbarn has been able to provide a credit card to its regular customers to enjoy easy means of making payment. However, the capital one bank has been able to come out with something beautiful by issuing this card.

In facts, this card offers it cardholder a lot of rewards; as you purchase you earn a reward. Nevertheless, this card offers its customers a 20% discount on their first purchase.

In order word, once you apply for the Dressbarn card and make use of it for purchase you will automatically receive 20% off from all your purchase with a particular code. 

In addition, you will earn a reward for making shopping in the store. Once you spend up to $100 on the eligible item you will receive a $5 as a reward.

The Dressbarn allows card user to manage their account with ease and view every single transaction online. Therefore, sign up for this card and start earning great benefits and rewards.

However, as you read on you will also find useful information about the Dressbarn credit card customer service and card benefits. Therefore, let look at some benefit of having Dressbarn credit card.

Card Benefits

Easy online payment

The Dressbarn card has been able to make it easy for its cardholder to make payment with easy through the online portal of Dressbarn. Nevertheless, people don’t usually move around with cash, they prefer making bill payment through online.

However, for you to be able to make a bill payment, you must, first of all, navigate to your account. After that, you can proceed to make your bill payment. Therefore, you can make easy and fast online payment through any of your devices.

No Annual Fee on Card

This card has no annual on it with this you can set aside $100 every year, which can be used for something else. Since this card has no annual fee, it allows customers to make use of the card at their own wish not making use of the card when not necessarily needed.

The annual fee on a card can probably discourage someone from applying for a card just because of the yearly fee.

Enjoy Welcome kit offer

Dressbarn offers it cardholder welcome kit. Once you apply for a credit card and you get approved you will automatically receive a welcome kit for the Dressbarn.

Ability to Shop online

You can easily make a purchase online from any of your devices. You will get an additional 30% discount form online clearance. In facts, the online shop gives you access to go to the online store from wherever you are and at any time.

Nevertheless, you can also shop from the online catalog which also permits you to quickly select newly arrival items with ease.

Enjoy Birthday Gift

You are not left out on your birthday, as Dressbarn will send you a special birthday gift for you to remember.

In facts, every cardholder enjoys this wonderful offer each year.  However, the most cardholder will like to apply for this card, just because of the birthday offer.

Dressbarn Credit Card Customer Service

You can contact the customer service for your order status, returns, shipping information and many more. Nevertheless, you are having any issue regarding your card you can also call at 1-888-427-7790.

However, you can get across to the customer representatives between Mondays – Fridays from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and Saturdays – Sundays 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Bottom Line

The Dressbarn card is basically designed for its loyal customers to be able to make quick payment and have easy access to the online portal.

However, with this card, you can make a payment right from the comfort of your home and also make payment. Therefore, take charge of your account and manage your account.

One good thing about this card is that it allows you to take charge of your account. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about making a yearly payment for your card.

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