About Us

Tiny Weight is a leading website that focuses on creating and publishing top quality content that everyone can use. Specifically, Tiny Weight publishes content about Tech, Social Media, Insurance, and other media related content.

At Tiny Weight, we work around the clock to ensure that all our website users and visitors stay in the loop of current trends and events in the various industries we cover.

As such, all our content are well-researched and fact checked to ensure they align with industry standards. Our target audience cut across various industries and geographical boundaries.

Regardless of your physical location and the industry you work, we have great content that you can benefit from.

In fact, our target audience is not restricted to a particular culture, location, or country rather it comprises of a vast majority of people all across the world who share a common interest.

At Tiny Weight, we understand that the internet is home to billions of content and it’s easy for valuable information to seem lost in the midst of it all.

As such, we strive to make our content stand out so users can easily access and use them whenever they want.  

We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Also, you can reach out to us for inquiries about any of our content, or any other information you want to elicit from us. We reply to all our messages as required and will reply to your messages too.

You can contact Tiny Weight via oleijedan@gmail.com and will reply to your email promptly. You can also reach Tiny Weight quickly thru the Contact Us page and we will respond to your messages too.

 Our Mission

Tiny Weight is solely dedicated to providing accurate information to all our website users and visitors at all times.

Our Promise

At Tiny Weight, we promise to conduct in-depth research about all our content and to verify their authenticity before publishing.  We take pride in our ability to publish factual and accurate content at all times.