You can use your Android phone as a credit card. In facts, this process is straight forward; it allows you to make quick use of your smartphone as a means of making payment. However, with this type of payment, you don’t have to move around with cash or your credit card.

How to Use Your Android as a Credit Card

Nonetheless, before you can be able to make use of your smartphone as a credit card for making a payment, you have to download the Google pay from the Google play store.  After this is done you can follow all the instruction to use your credit card information right on your phone.

However, the Android pay app is free and open to every Android. Once your Android phone can run up to Android 5.1 KitKat you are good to go. Therefore, you can make a smart move and download the Google pay app on your smartphone and start making payment with ease.

Furthermore, you can use your smartphone to make payment through a credit card reader.  However, the credit card payment is free you don’t need to make any payment for it. Notwithstanding, this allows you to make payment anywhere.

How to make Payment with Your Android

  • Select The  Rightful Store Support Pay

When you want to make a payment you have to select the right tap payment, because it is not all the credit card readers that can receive credit card information.

Nevertheless, you can get full details of supported retailer of the Google pay on their web site. However, you can quickly navigate to the web site Google pay

  • Position Your Android Phone Close to the Credit Card Reader

You have to position your phone close to the card reader to identify your android. In facts, in some card reader, you don’t really need to place your android close to the card reader before it can identify your smartphone. However, your Google pay doesn’t really need to be open before you can use it with a card reader.

  • Hang on For The Confirmation of Your Payment From The Card Reader

Once you have made a payment you have to wait for the confirmation. You don’t have to be in a hurry to leave immediately. After your transaction is completed you will get an email from your Gmail account. Notifying you about the transaction.

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